Build Community.

All of us at TEAM Charter are extremely excited and honored to serve your child. We have a great facility, beautiful classrooms, and amazing staff that are dedicated to the education and development of our students.

This is a school that was built as a response to the crisis in our community today.

As parents, we worry about how we keep our children safe. Many of us at TEAM have our own children, and realize that the only way our children can be safe is that the children around them are safe from gangs, drugs, and destructive behavior.

It means that in today’s world, in order to ensure the safety of your child, it is not enough to love your child alone. It also means you have to love someone else’s child almost as much. 

We know that building higher walls is not an effective solution to the tragedies our community feels on a daily basis. It is about building better people.

We believe we have the ability to teach our students with knowledge that will empower them. So that they do not have to turn to the hopelessness of drugs and alcohol; or turn to the desperation of empowerment via a gun.

As a community, we can no longer flee to “safer areas” or buy into better community. At some point, we have to build community.

We have to draw a line somewhere, confront the cancer of despair and violence, and fight back with education and love.

The line that the creators of our school has drawn is TEAM Charter School. Thank you for choosing us.