July 1, 2017
Hello TEAM Parents and Community Members! 
It is an honor and a pleasure to become a part of this incredible community at TEAM!  I am looking forward to getting to know all of you as the new school year progresses. 
As the new Managing Principal, I will be serving the students and faculties at TEAM downtown, TEAM Bianchi (an extension of the downtown campus), and our new middle school, Team Charter Academy (TCA).  It is an exciting time of expansion and unlimited possibilities for our students and families as we grow to serve approximately 1100 students in our schools. 
We continue to focus on equity ensuring that all students receive the academic supports that they require to be successful.  Our state CAASPP scores from last year are proving that what we are doing on our campuses is working!  Our mission to “cultivate healthy bodies, minds, and spirits based on compassion and love for all humanity” is unwavering.  It will be a top priority of mine to ensure that our leadership, our faculty and staff, and our students understand how to collaborate and focus to ensure we achieve this mission. 
An exciting development that will be new this year is our focus on the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and developing leadership skills at all levels of our community.  We will be looking to you as parents and community members to join us in our efforts to offer opportunities to enrich the leadership skills of our students, teachers, and administrators here at TEAM.  It will be a TEAM effort! 
With over 30 years in education behind me, I bring to you a wealth of expertise.  It is my goal to use this expertise to benefit our students and support our faculties as we continue to grow academically.  My leadership style is that of servant leadership:  in effect, I serve you and your children.  As such, communication with you is critical to me.  I will be using social media such as our Facebook page, Twitter (for quick text updates), video blogs (so you may see what is happening during the day), and of course email blasts and newsletters!  Stay tuned for frequent updates about all activities at all schools. 
I am looking forward to meeting you soon.  Please have a safe and relaxing summer! 


Lynn Lysko Ed.D.



Dr. Lynn Lysko holds a doctorate in educational administration with a focus on Teaching and Learning from Walden University.  In 2012, she received the Frank Dilley Outstanding Doctoral Study award for her work on English learners.  Her Master of Arts is in Spanish from the University of Western Ontario, her Bachelor of Education is from the University of Toronto, and her Bachelor of Arts (double major in French and Spanish) is from Wilfrid Laurier University in Ontario, Canada.  Dr. Lysko’s 32 years in education included teaching for 15 years and now leading into her 18th year as an administrator.  She has held positions that span TK-12 as a vice principal, high school principal, district office curriculum director, county office of education consultant, assistant superintendent and CEO of a charter organization.  Additionally, she has served as Adjunct Faculty at CSU Stanislaus, Brandman University, and Madera County Office of Education.  A focus on students who are at-risk and/or English learners and a belief that all students deserve the choice of college and career upon high school graduation drive her passion and motivate her every day.  Dr. Lysko has also held leadership roles in Delta Kappa Gamma, Stanislaus County Commission for Women, and the Association for California School Administrators.  In 2012, she was named a Stanislaus County Commission Woman of the Year.