TEAM Charter Academy


TEAM Charter Academy (TCA) is a member of the Transformational Education Inc. family of schools.  TCA opened on August 14, 2017 to 6th through 8th grade students.  

TCA was opened to allow our continuing 5th grade students to continue the TEAM Charter Schools experience on a familiar campus, as well as to accommodate the need for an alternative middle school education opportunity for new students.  

Last year was a year of growth and growing pains, which accompanies many new organizations.  With new administrators, instructional coaches, strong and dedicated teaching and support staff, and our Vision and Mission at the forefront, we look forward to providing the opportunity of a equality education and a positive experience for our TCA students and families. 



TEAM Charter Academy will empower all students to apply knowledge and skills necessary to achieve their full potential in a safe learning environment.  TCA will provide enriched opportunities to inspire socially aware and justice-focused citizens who will make a positive impact in our global community.                          


TEAM Charter Academy (TCA) will empower students by fostering self-assessment, reflection, and participation in decisions related to their academic success.  TCA will provide students with the opportunity to develop inquiry based thinking skills and achieve their full potential in a safe, nurturing environment, through access to a well-rounded curriculum, differentiated learning, integrated technology, and character education.  TCA will encourage students to translate the academic and interpersonal skills they learn in the classroom into a focus on justice and equity for all people, to be socially aware, and to use their voice as an individual to be a positive global influence.


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